"With help of Petri exercising has become part of my everyday life bringing much joy and energy both to my private and professional life"

"After starting the training all the tightness in the neck, shoulder and upper back area caused by office work have disappeared"

"With the support of Petri's knowledge I have lost several kilos of weight and a lot of permanent changes in my diet have taken place"

"Busy lifestyle with demanding work and having kids at home put me out of shape but with the help of Petri I have got back on track and feel better and more energetic than ever without any big sacrifices"

"I have seen a lot of motivating results beginning from becoming slimmer and gaining muscle and a lot of strength and speed for running"

"Thanks to the coaching it has never been that easy to start a new skiing season"

"I wouldn't have believed such small changes in my diet would have delivered so good results in weight loss. I'm so happy to fit into my old clothes again"

"Petri inspired me to finally get up from the couch and start moving again after a long break. What's best about it is that I got rid of continuous back pain and have been more energetic throughout the days"

"I admire Petri's ability to tailor the coaching just properly demanding for me to support and make visible the progression, which really motivated me forward"

"Petri's motivating and supporting attitude, well-prepared sessions and professional guidance are greatly acknowledged"

"All annoying aches in my body are gone and doing daily activities like taking the stairs feel so much easier"

"Following the training plan delivered so much better results than I was able to get on my own and makes my life a lot easier"

"When I started to train with Petri I wasn't obese, but definitely had some weight to lose. I'd been exercising and going to gym on and off for years without much to show for it. I didn't believe that a coach would really be able to help me so much"

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