Workshops and Coaching in Munich

Work-Life balance - Stress prevention - Resiliency - Health & Fitness

I help employees move from health problems and stress 

to high productivity and balanced work and life
in the mentally demanding modern working environment. 

Specialized in modern organizations with new work approaches.

Petri Mikkonen
Cert. Personal Trainer

Reduced health care costs, absenteeism and presenteeism

Improved employee engagement and business performance

Reduced stress and
improved work-life balance

Increased employer attractiveness and better retention rates

Individualized to match your needs

No more inefficient health programs

Help your team to make a positive change towards

better health, fitness and wellbeing to reduce excessive stress
and reach a higher productivity and creativity.

Your team loves it, and so does your bottom line!

Invite me for a free consultation and let's get to know each other and see what are your challenges and which actions could help you solve them. 

A health evening is a great way to get started with the topic. 

And it's free of charge for you!
Contact me and let's plan one together.

The proof is strong:
Every invested € in employee wellbeing can save you 2-9 € in health care
and absenteeism costs! 

Are you currently taking advantage of this huge opportunity,
which could take your business to the next level?

Is your team having problems with stress, handling workload, productivity
or back pain?

Do they need new tools to improve performance and creativity,
or create healthier habits? 

Seminars and workshops are an excellent way to help to overcome the challenges.

Popular topics:

  • How to deal with mentally stressful work and improve work-life balance
  • From a stressed office rat to a creative Zen monk
  • Making sense of healthy eating and how to follow a healthy diet when busy with work
  • How to be more active throughout the days to tackle the office workers big enemy of inactivity

The information and tools employees will learn will help them deal better with stress, balance work and life, and improve overall wellbeing in front of the challenges of mentally demanding work. This will be seen as higher productivity, creativity and satisfaction to work and life, 
which will positively reflect also 
on the bottom line of the company.

If you have any questions, shoot me a message, I'm happy to answer.
Email to or leave a message below.