My story

Like every one of us, I've struggled with my fitness and wellbeing as well. And I've experienced very personally how difficult making lifestyle changes can be.

Years ago a few months of travelling in Southeast Asia started the downhill and student life with excessive partying kept it going, until I reached a point where there was no other choice than to change the direction. 

During these times I had closed my eyes completely and gained 20 kg's of weight.
That didn't feel good on me as I had always been a sporty person.
It was time to do something...

18 months later, with many up's and down's all of the extra weight was gone and I had gone from 21 fat % to 8 %.

No magic tricks, no restricting diets, just concentrating on the basics of a healthy lifestyle. It was difficult to get the ball rolling, but once it gained the speed, nothing could stop it.

For sure I had to make changes to my habits, but I was still able to enjoy the life to the fullest. What's the best part, I achieved this while studying two degrees and working on two different jobs. 

Might not sound like the best and easiest time to make a change, but is there ever one?

This weight loss journey changed my life forever. 

Ever since I've stayed in good shape and have followed a lifestyle that keeps me healthy but also allows me to do the things I most love.

It also guided me to my current highly rewarding occupation of helping others as a coach to make smaller and bigger changes in their lifestyles.

Later, this journey took me also to the other side of the world to study leadership, which I, while working as a personal trainer, found to be a central factor in lowering people's wellbeing.

Today, I'm still following my passion of coaching individuals towards their goals in fitness and wellbeing. 
In addition, I'm also combining my knowledge and skills in coaching, business and leadership to help companies to have healthier and more productive employees. 

This is a way for me to make a larger scale impact in the wellbeing of people in this world.

During my coaching career, I've gotten highly interested in human behavior and especially in why some succeed in making changes and others don't.

Through years of coaching, studying change and human behavior, reflecting on my own experiences and analyzing numerous success and failure stories of my clients, I have learned to understand what is
the difference between success and failure in making a change happen and maintaining it.

From all this I've developed a coaching system that has helped numerous people through smaller and bigger lifestyle changes. (some examples here)

A good and a reliable method which helps significantly in coaching and gives a lot of confidence in reaching consistent results.

If you would like to make a change happen from chaotic and stressful life into a healthier lifestyle, without giving away the things you love, 
I'm more than happy to help you out like I have helped many others.

Get in touch and let's make your change happen.


Petri Mikkonen

Certified Personal Trainer
MBA in Leadership, BBA 

Trainer and coach since 2011

  • Live coaching in Munich, Germany 
  • Online around the world.

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