My story

If information on how to live healthy was enough, no personal trainer would be burned out, right? Well it definitely is not enough, I've experienced it, too closely.

A toxic work environment burns out everyone eventually. We trainers had all the understanding on how to stay fit and healthy but still it wasn't enough to fight against the damage the bad leadership and unhealthy company culture was doing to us.

I saw the same pattern with clients. It didn't matter how much effort they put into taking care of themselves, their harmful work overruled all the progression they had made.

As I understood that the problem was in the businesses and their cultures, I needed to understand how to change that. I did an MBA concentrating on leadership and workplace wellbeing strategies and read all the books I could find around the topic. After that I've been coaching and consulting companies to use a modern approach into improving the health and wellbeing of their people.

To maintain the connection to the individuals and their deepest problems, I keep doing some individual coaching on the side.

Many companies are trying to deal with the issues and look help from traditional workplace health providers. The problem is that these providers only look at the surface and concentrate on the technical side and ignore the high impact of the company culture and leadership. They forget that it's all about the humans working in the company, not only about making absence numbers look better.

On top of that, the work environment and ways of working are continuously changing. We need a new, modern approach to help the people to improve their health and wellbeing. And we need to keep including the individual employees in the process to stay aware of their changing challenges.

Inaction and inefficient solutions are not ok anymore, we need to do things differently. It's getting too expensive for the companies and governments. But most importantly, the individual employee trying to help the company and be a good citizen is suffering. We need to care about them more and help them towards good health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Coach

Petri Mikkonen

MBA in Leadership, BBA
Certified Personal Trainer 

Trainer and coach since 2011

Operating mainly in Munich but also elsewhere around Germany.