It's not easy to lose 20 kg's, I can tell you that, not to mention to keep the kg's away.
It's not easy to leave your life, family and friends behind and move abroad.

And it's definitely not easy to move into and start a business in a country of which language you don't speak...

These all have been massive changes I've gone through and somehow have managed to succeed through to the bright side of life.
And now it's great to look back and see what all these big changes have brought into my life.

Not everything has gone as planned. I've also failed, many times. 

At one point, I got really interested why in some changes I succeeded and in others not. It took a while but now I kinda understand. 

Through years of coaching, studying change and human behavior, reflecting on my own experiences and analyzing numerous success stories of my clients (and failures too), I have learned to understand what is
the difference between success and failure in making a change happen and maintaining it.

From all this I've developed a coaching system that has now helped numerous people through smaller and bigger lifestyle changes. A good and a reliable method helps significantly in coaching and gives a lot of confidence in reaching consistent results.

If you would like to make a change happen from chaotic and stressful life into a healthier lifestyle, without giving away the things you love, 
I'm more than happy to help you out like I have helped many others.

Get in touch and let's make your change happen.


Petri Mikkonen

Certified Personal Trainer
MBA in Leadership, BBA 

Trainer and coach since 2011

  • Live coaching in Munich, Germany 
  • Online around the world.

Coaching philosophy

Many say they have found "the secret easy solution", but unfortunately there isn't and wont be one. 
I don't want to sell you any of these empty promises, if you are looking for one, you are in the wrong place. 

I do not believe in magic pills, diets or in other shortcuts to happiness, but to long-term thinking and doing with proven methods. 

My coaching methods are based on scientific literature and supplemented with real life experience, and are continuously being improved as the science improve and I learn and grow.

A human is a complex creature and has complex problems and I respect that, but it's simplicity in solutions that deliver results. However, to make something simple and still efficient requires studying the complexity thoroughly for years. 

Luckily there are people in this world who put incredible amounts of effort into searching for the answers and share it to others.

Firstly, my job as a coach is to listen to and understand you and your individual challenges and wishes.

Secondly, it's to make some sense from all of this flood of information, find the methods that could work and are in line with your wishes, and transfer these to solutions that are easily understandable and practical to implement for you. 

And finally, it's to support and motivate you along the journey, which sometimes can be very long and tiring with ups and downs.

Your job is to take care that the required and agreed work gets done. No matter how much I would love to, I cannot take action for you.

If you feel this all sounds like an approach you would be happy to follow, contact me through or leave a message below and we can discuss in more detail how to get started.