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A whole new approach to employee
health and wellbeing

Are your employees struggling with stress, burnout, lost productivity, and other health and wellbeing problems?

Have you already tried several traditional wellbeing programs without any reasonable results? 

How about considering a whole new paradigm to match
the modern problems we are facing? 

An approach where your employees are in center and which is individualized into the context you operate in?

To learn more, download a more detailed explanation
of this new modern approach below.

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how it could help your employees and company.

Wellbeing has become a buzzword.
Out there are many out-of-box solutions
with big promises. 

But for some reason, employee health problems are constantly getting even worse...

Would it be finally time to stop wasting time and resources on solutions that make no meaningful difference? How about approaching the whole topic differently?

Looking beneath the surface of the trend, there are also evidence-based solutions that are proven to deliver excellent results in solving the ever increasing workplace health and wellbeing problems.

And which are actually proven to make a meaningful impact on the health and wellbeing of the individual employees, make an impact on your bottom line, and are cost-efficient to implement.

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Evidence-Based Approach

Relying on researched methods spiced up with field experience.

It's all about the individuals

Since 2011 busy professionals have trusted in my coaching in improving their health and wellbeing.

"Thanks to the coaching, my mindset around my personal health and wellbeing has completely changed, which again has changed and improved my life in so many meaningful ways. Healthier habits are now a integral part of my life, a big achievement from someone who would a year ago ridiculed any suggestions around the topic".

Timo, 50

"Busy lifestyle with demanding work and having kids at home put me out of shape, but with the help of Petri I have gotten back on track and now feel better and more energetic than ever. And it all happened without making any major sacrifices" 

- Alex, 42, IT-professional

"Petri inspired me to finally get up from the couch and start moving after a long break. The best thing is that I got rid of continuous back and knee pain and have been more energetic throughout the days. As a nice plus, also lost quite some weight" 

- Lena, 62, Retired

"When I started to train with Petri I wasn't obese, but definitely had some weight to lose. I'd been exercising and going to gym on and off for years without much to show for it. I didn't believe that a coach would really be able to help me that much"

- Kaisa, 39

"With help of Petri exercising has become part of my everyday life bringing much joy and energy both to my private and professional life"  

- Mathilda, 45, Doctor

"For years I've been wondering why am I not getting results although I tried so hard, now I get it, thanks to Petri's ability to explain complex things in a simple, easily understandable way"

- Hanna, 55, Head of HR

"I have seen a lot of motivating results beginning from becoming slimmer and gaining muscle and a lot of strength and speed for running. And I can't believe it, endless cravings for sweets are gone!" 

- Eva, 40

Petri Mikkonen

MBA, Wellbeing Coach & Consultant

Munich, Germany

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Wellbeing Coach Petri Mikkonen

München, Germany