Hi, my name is Petri.

Would you like to live and enjoy a healthier lifestyle without making any major sacrifices? 

Or learn new tools to flourish in the modern mentally stressful working environment and prevent burning out?

And do it with methods that are proven by science and shown to work with hundreds of clients?

Cert. Personal Trainer, MBA

No more wondering whether you are doing the
right things to get lasting results.

No need to make major sacrifices, start restrictive diets or give up your valuable time for excessive training.

Fitness - Nutrition - Work-life balance - Stress & Recovery

Evidence-Based Approach

Relying on evidence-based methods spiced up with field experience
from thousands of coaching sessions.

Since 2011 busy professionals have trusted in my coaching in making lifestyle changes and
adopting healthier habits.

"Busy lifestyle with demanding work and having kids at home put me out of shape, but with the help of Petri I have gotten back on track and now feel better and more energetic than ever. And it all happened without making any major sacrifices" 

- Alex, 42, IT-professional

"Petri inspired me to finally get up from the couch and start moving after a long break. The best thing is that I got rid of continuous back and knee pain and have been more energetic throughout the days. As a nice plus, also lost quite some weight" 

- Lena, 62, Retired

"When I started to train with Petri I wasn't obese, but definitely had some weight to lose. I'd been exercising and going to gym on and off for years without much to show for it. I didn't believe that a coach would really be able to help me that much"

- Kaisa, 39

"With help of Petri exercising has become part of my everyday life bringing much joy and energy both to my private and professional life"  

- Mathilda, 45, Doctor

"For years I've been wondering why am I not getting results although I tried so hard, now I get it, thanks to Petri's ability to explain complex things in a simple, easily understandable way"

- Hanna, 55, Head of HR

"I have seen a lot of motivating results beginning from becoming slimmer and gaining muscle and a lot of strength and speed for running. And I can't believe it, endless cravings for sweets are gone!" 

- Eva, 40

Coaching & Personal Training

Starting from 150-200 €/month

Minimum 3 months.

Premium Total Transformation -coaching package

500 €/month
Minimum 6 months.

Schedule a talk to discuss your
individual situation, challenges,
and wishes.
It's free of charge!

Session can be arranged live in Munich or through Phone/Skype.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

- Chinese proverb

Would like to learn more about me or the coaching?

If you have any questions please send them to petri.mikkonen@wellbc.de.
Looking forward hearing from you!

Wellbeing Coach Petri Mikkonen


München, Germany